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FuSheng QianJu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, specializing in the production of injection molding and die-casting molds. It was officially put into injection molding machines in 2013. With the development of the company, the aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting product production department was established in 2015; The company will provide one-stop services from mold design, development and processing-product production-post-processing-surface treatment. The company has mold department, die-casting department, injection molding department, post-processing department and other departments; with 120T-1000T 20 injection molding machines; multiple 160T-600T aluminum/zinc alloy die-casting equipment, 20 CNC machining centers, 12 CNC lathes, excellent development capabilities and production management capabilities, and mature aluminum alloy die-casting molding and surface finishing Oxidation technology can fully meet the different needs of customers!

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Injection (2k)

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Die Casting

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CNC Machining

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communication equipment
electrical appliances
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Zinc/aluminum alloy furniture accessories, high-end lighting accessories, aluminum alloy radiators, auto accessories, aluminum alloy shells, die-cast aluminum alloy shells, car signs, mechanical accessories, hotel decoration accessories, our company produces precision, can provide electroplating , Electrophoresis, powder spraying, oil spraying, silk screen, oxidation and other surface treatments.